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Positive Leadership

February 22nd-24th, University for Peace


Visit Costa Rica and join a class of like-minded people focused on bringing out the best in themselves and the teams they work with. 3 days of inspiration, natural beauty and learning.

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Here at the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, we want to ensure a meaningful professional development experience for you. Among other things, this workshop offers:

Pluses for you

  • Face-to-face interaction with like-minded peers
  • Engaging, interactive materials and activities
  • Energetic facilitators who provide valuable feedback and support
  • An opportunity to visit the beautiful UPEACE campus in Costa Rica
  • A certificate from the UN-mandated University for Peace

Sabine Saintable, Miami FL

"This course has helped me to find out how I can come up with solutions to conflict and build relationships in the workplace. I believe it would be a turning point for anyone who attends."

Fernanda Martinelli, Brazil

Check out what past participants have to say

"I came to learn leadership skills, and I'm leaving knowing more about myself in every way, knowing that I am a leader and I must maintain my authenticity as I lead."

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