Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership


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10-day field immersion in Southeast Asia and online Virtual Classroom – NEW 2018 dates will be announced soon!

The Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership Course (DSIL) is a globally certified professional development program designed for individuals from all sectors who are ready to expand their leadership skills through emerging innovation practices. The experiential curriculum consists of interactive 10-day field immersions in Southeast Asia and live Virtual Classroom sessions where you will find yourself building greater capacity to create, think critically, and move ideas into action in highly diverse groups. At the same time, you’ll be evolving too – reflecting on your leadership strengths and opportunities to grow. Join our ecosystem of courageous individuals, thriving start-ups, dedicated social enterprises and progressive for-profit companies solving complex problems in effective ways. The DSIL Course takes place over several dynamic months, all leading up to a UPEACE Centre for Executive Education certificate. After the course, you’ll be well positioned to share your learning! Bring all that you have absorbed back to your teams where you work and live to ignite positive impact in your companies and communities.

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Course Details

DSIL is excited to announce new field immersion programs for 2017 running in April and September across Southeast Asia. Can’t join in the field? No problem- meet us in the Virtual Classroom online starting August 15 for five dynamic months. See all of the details at

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What will you gain from the DSIL?

The DSIL experience empowers international participants with contemporary tools, a cross sector knowledge network and analogous field immersions focused on personal and professional development. We believe that those who have the skills to unlock, re-imagine and create solutions to the world’s most daunting challenges will be at the helm of systems level change. Authentic transformation begins within the individual and those who are trained in the principles of design and leveraging empathic collaboration will be best positioned for success.

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Reflected on your strengths and passions, and how to channel them into an endeavor that is also financially viable
  • Developed a ‘lean canvas’ for creating or accelerating organizations
  • Gained fluency in human centered design methodology, business model generation, liberating structures and non-violent communication
  • Expanded your global professional and personal social capital network of peers
  • Gained a Centre for Executive Education, of the UN University for Peace,  certificate in ‘Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership’ upon successful completion of the course



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DSIL can also be the launching pad for your Diploma in Social Innovation, counting as the first of five courses in the program. Take DSIL, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change, and your choice of 3 of our other online courses for changemakers, and earn your Diploma. Add the Diploma to your DSIL course for an additional $1,600 beyond the regular price of your chosen DSIL Track.

DSIL Course Chief Education Architect

Katy Grennier has spent the last ten years internationally and domestically co-creating and expanding over 15 innovative education programs in efforts to push the global community to demand more meaningful learning experiences both in what we are learning and how we go about it learning it. She has worked for organizations and communities to build engaging curriculum on emerging topics, designs teacher trainings that keep culture in mind, and has even built a progressive charter school with youth that re-designed the four walls of a classroom into a city; kids go out every day of the week to discover the world around them. As a masters graduate at the Bill Clinton School of Public Service and a Rotary Peace Fellow, she has now become a founding partner of DSIL Global. She continues to participate in building and facilitating capacity for social impact projects in South East Asia that bring all sectors together around innovation + design thinking in efforts to create lasting solutions that ultimately improve the quality of life for people . Find out more at

DSIL Founder

Courtney Lawrence is based in Southeast Asia where she continues to build DSIL into a global impact driven organization. She is Adjunct Faculty at Thammasat University, School of Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship and the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam for incompany programs. Her academic research focuses on the intersection of sustainable economic development, social enterprise and design thinking. Previous experience includes launching and scaling the Japan based and foundation funded ‘Global Studies, Peace and Leadership Summer Seminar’; a program that included fieldwork with students from more than 40 countries to India, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. From 2006-2014 she served on the Executive Committee of the of the Swiss-based NGO, World Alliance of YMCAs. Previous to co-founding a US social enterprise in 2011, she worked with Ashoka’s Full Economic Citizenship initiative in the Washington, D.C. area and has facilitated multiple trainings across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America. She is a Rotary Scholar and holds a Master’s in Sustainable Economic Development and Responsible Management from UPEACE, the UN Mandated Graduate School of Peace and Conflict Studies and has lived, worked and traveled across more than 50 countries; see more at the d.hive.

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