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A certified, 5-month training program for leaders including: 9-day field immersion in Southeast Asia, online Virtual Classrooms, executive coaching and a diverse, global support network.

The DSIL Innovation and Leadership course (DSIL) is a certified 5-month Vertical Leadership Development course designed for established leaders. Here, you will work through complex challenges using design thinking sprints in real-time cases, yours included. Alongside a hyper-diverse cohort, the course will guide you to cultivate the future skills needed to lead well in an ever-evolving world.

The DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course Sequence

The course was designed with the busy leader in mind. A short, 9 day immersion in Southeast Asia is complemented with virtual classrooms, DSIL challenges applied to everyone’s own situation, executive coaches who guide participants through challenges and an expanded global support network.

What is Vertical Leadership Development?

Vertical Leadership Development refers to the intentional advancement of a leader. The outcome is to think in more complex, systemic, strategic, and interdependent ways while increasing emotional intelligence. For us at DSIL, we believe in any leader developing holistically. Read more about Vertical Leadership Development on the DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course website.

2018 Innovation Theme: The Details of Design Thinking

A well-defined, robust, creative and rapid problem-solving method


The Design Thinking method is an innovation process that allows for deeper and wider understanding of complex challenges and how to build solutions for them. Ideal for any person looking to set themselves apart, Design Thinking is a tool that has helped facilitate the creation of user-focused solutions in organizations like Google, IBM, Clorox, Nike, UNICEF, and World Vision.

At the DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course, you’ll actively learn and embody the design thinking process and the mindsets they require through engaging in design sprints with community groups, companies and provocative enterprises in Southeast Asia.

Certificate from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education

Completing the DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course will lead up to a UPEACE Centre for Executive Education certificate.

By completing the course, you are also 20% there to a Diploma in Social Innovation at CEE!

For those of you who want to continue building skills or receiving a mentor-style program that allows you to work on plans for the future, you already are 20% done with the CEE Diploma by doing the DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course! You will also receive a discounted price for the remainder of the program. Through the CEE Diploma, you can continue to be part of our global network, receive feedback and coaching from a great network of professors, and, of course, develop innovation projects.

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What You’ll Learn

  • The details of design thinking (or human-centered design) mindsets and skills;
  • How to lead co-creation with a diverse group of cultures and perspectives;
  • How to use storytelling as an effective tool to amplify ideas and ignite your teams;
  • Master the interdependent collaborator mindset: see systems, patterns, and connections while holding multiple perspectives of the world around you;
  • Increase your emotional intelligence score;
  • How to teach forward what you learn; we teach to train so that you may drive innovation in your organization/community for years to come.


Please see the official application page for full details:  course.dsilglobal.com

The DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course can also be the launching pad for your Diploma in Social Innovation, counting as the first of five courses in the program. Take DSIL, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change, and your choice of 3 of our other online courses for changemakers, and earn your Diploma. Add the Diploma to your DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course for an additional $1,600 beyond the regular price of the DSIL Course

Can’t join in the field? No problem – meet us in the Virtual Classroom online starting August 15 for five dynamic months. See all of the details at course.dsilglobal.com.

DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course Chief Education Architect

Katy Grennier has spent the last ten years internationally and domestically co-creating and expanding over 15 innovative education programs in efforts to push the global community to demand more meaningful learning experiences both in what we are learning and how we go about it learning it. She has worked for organizations and communities to build engaging curriculum on emerging topics, designs teacher trainings that keep culture in mind, and has even built a progressive charter school with youth that re-designed the four walls of a classroom into a city; kids go out every day of the week to discover the world around them. As a masters graduate at the Bill Clinton School of Public Service and a Rotary Peace Fellow, she has now become a founding partner of DSIL. She continues to participate in building and facilitating capacity around innovation + design thinking in all sectors in South East Asia.


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