Study Abroad in Costa Rica

We make study abroad easy!

Customized programs designed for your university or institution

At the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, we collaborate with high schools, community colleges, undergraduate programs, masters and even doctorate level programs to create easy, customized short-term, faculty-led study abroad opportunities.

Programs range from just a few days to 3 or 4 weeks in Costa Rica.

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Every course is created hand-in-hand with the leading faculty from our partner university to combine content on the beautiful University for Peace campus and targeted field visits that exemplify the concepts covered in the course. We cover a wide range of subjects including education, peace studies, social enterprise, human rights, sustainability, and more.

The UPEACE network stretches across the whole country, allowing us to find innovative and interesting examples of organizations and individuals that are forerunners in these areas. Field visits combine industry-specific knowledge with strong examples of social justice and Costa Rican culture, resulting in a unique and extremely powerful learning experience.

To make the process easy, the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education also handles all logistics, from airport transfer and transportation, to hotels, language interpretation, and meals. Consider us your cultural liaisons to Costa Rica!

In the past we have also worked with organizations and businesses that don’t fit the university model, ranging from ‘Banco do Brasil’ and the United Nations Mission in Haiti, to helping Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise Club organize a 2-hr. session on ‘Innovating in fast-changing world.’

Connect with the Centre at to learn more about our potential collaboration with your organization!