University for Peace, established by the

General Assembly of the United Nations

Centre for Executive Education

Diploma in Social Innovation

You want to do work that you love,

Make a positive Impact, and pay the bills.

You need a career change. You need skills and a resume builder

You need a network of peers and faculty to lean on,

and a flexible schedule that fits in with your life.

You need a Diploma in Social Innovation.

By the time you finish the Diploma in Social Innovation, whether fully online or as a hybrid program, you will have:

  • Taken the first step on your journey as a social innovator by gaining legitimate skills and knowledge that can be added to your resume and personal toolbox as you take your next career step;
  • Fully conceptualized your social impact project or business, including writing and receiving personalized feedback on a business plan for your idea;
  • Be able to create a monitoring plan for the M&E of a project or program;
  • Be able to draw a comprehensive social media plan that is cause-oriented;
  • Understand your own personal strengths and how to use them to your best advantage;
  • Designed a sustainable project for your organization or business;
  • And so much more!


More info?

Track A: Online Diploma

Earn your Diploma in Social Innovation from anywhere in the world. Take 5 online courses within an 18-month period to earn your diploma – all while creating valuable connections with participants from all corners of the globe.

  1. 6-week course Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change.
  2. Plus 4 online elective courses.

Track B: Hybrid Diploma

Kick off your program with a face-to-face workshop at the University for Peace in Costa Rica, and complete 4 online courses within the 18 months following your onsite experience.

  1. Positive Leadership or Global Education (3-day Workshops in Costa Rica)
  2. 6-week online course Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change 
  3. Plus 3 additional online elective courses