We know that the participants have a wealth of knowledge, and what better way to create a community of people working toward global happiness than to open the floor and let you share your experience and passions with the rest of the group?

Apply to present at the

Gross Global Happiness Summit 2020

Presenter formats

Beyond simply attending the Gross Global Happiness summit, you can apply to present as well! 

There are three formats for presenting at Gross Global Happiness:

1. “Being the Change” talk

‘Being the Change’ talks can cover any theme or topic in which you are an expert, have a particular point of view, or are actively working. It is your opportunity to share with the group a fresh take on a subject you think will appeal to and resonate with the other participants. You will be given 12 minutes in front of the room to share your thoughts in the format you like, much like a TED Talk format, with a short question and answer period afterwards.

2. Unconference

The Unconference portion of the program allows participants to lead an activity, share a question with the group, teach something, or conduct a process. Several ‘unconferences’ will be run in parallel, so these often have the feel of intimate conversations with a small group of participants who are drawn to your topic. Participants will have 45 minutes for their session, of which no more than 15 minutes should be dedicated to a presentation or explanation of the activity – the rest of the time should be interactive.

3. Workshops

A select few people will be chosen to conduct workshops over the 1.5 hour period of the program. These workshops should be highly interactive and should present participants with a new idea, skill, methodology or take on a key question facing the world today.

To apply, please fill out the following:

Registration Deadline: September 30, 2019

*Presenters chosen will be notified by November 1, 2019. 

They have until November 15th to pay the presenter fee that confirms participation.