Examples of Customized Workshops

The following seminars are available ‘on demand.’ Write to centre@upeace.org for more information:

  • Non-profit Leadership
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Everyone is a Changemaker!
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ‘Circles’ and Restorative Justice
  • Cross-cultural Leadership

We also offer numerous short workshops (2-8 hours) that can be presented as free-standing modules or combined to create a longer itinerary. These include:

  • Unpacking ‘Happiness’
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Your Best Failure
  • Applying Design Thinking
  • Effectively Managing Interpersonal Conflict
  • Education for the 21st Century: Global Citizenship
  • Leadership Styles and Emotional Intelligence
  • Influence and Storytelling

Have a question? Contact us at centre@upeace.org , or visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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