At the University for Peace in Costa Rica, an institution established by the General Assembly of the United Nations

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Develop the skills, creative confidence and networks needed to approach complex problems in a fast-changing world. Participants gain dynamic training and personalized reflection to prepare for a future of diverse global challenges.

By the time you finish the Global Leadership Diploma, whether fully online or as a hybrid program, you will have: 

  • A network of global leaders from around the world with whom you can consult and confer with; 
  • Cutting-edge courses structured by a Harvard Graduate School of Education alumnus;  
  • Gain concrete leadership techniques and competencies to foster a culture of creativity and innovation; and more.
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Online Track Plug in from wherever you are! Earn your Global Leadership Diploma from anywhere in the world. Take 5 online courses, all while creating valuable connections with participants from all corners of the globe. Course requirements: Regenerative Leadership (onsite) 4 elective online courses

Onsite Track Join global changemakers at the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica throughout your entire journey. You’ll get face-to-face instruction, and exceptional networking opportunities with likeminded professionals. Course requirements: Positive Leadership (onsite) 4 elective onsite courses

Hybrid track - online emphasis With this track, you’ll get the chance to visit the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica for a workshop or two and also take classes online for a transformative hybrid learning experience. Course requirements: 1 onsite course at the UPEACE campus 3 online courses 1 course that is either online or onsite *At least one of the courses above must be Regenerative Leadership (online) OR Positive Leadership (onsite)

Hybrid Track - onsite emphasis Interested in spending more of your time on the beautiful UPEACE campus? This option allows for up to 4 onsite courses and also offers you the opportunity to experience online coursework as well. Course requirements: 3 onsite courses at the UPEACE campus 1 online course 1 course that is either online or onsite *At least one of the courses above must be Regenerative Leadership (online) OR Positive Leadership (onsite)

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All the concepts that were taught, have been tremendously helpful in strengthening my knowledge. The most powerful new learning was about regenerative leadership and its everyday use in our lives.

-Harika Rao, United States

Each course allowed me to think more deeply about my project and receive valuable and timely feedback on specific aspects of the work.