Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change

“You should take the course because it gives you a big picture about what is social entrepreneurship, it connects you with other changemakers, so you don’t feel so alone.. and you enjoy the process with new friends!”

“I remember when I was young I told myself I would do something to change the world. And then… I got a JOB Not that it’s a bad job. It’s a good job but it made me forget that I wanted to see changes. This course made me remember what I wanted to do, informed me about HOW to do it and finally made me see the people and the organizations that are already doing it. Yes, YOU can still change the world .
If you’re still thinking about taking it, just take it.”
– Chuva Honey

“This class was a life changing experience for me, and it helped me get moving with not one but several entrepreneurial ideas I had been kicking around.”

“Great way to inspire yourself as a social entrepreneur.”
“Consider taking this course – it’s very well-designed, very well curated (great readings and videos), and a wonderful way to stretch your mind!”
“Definitely take it. New perceptions and a new way also to give meaning to your work and life.”
“If they are thinking of forming a social enterprise or are in the process of doing so this course is ideal in assisting a strategic approach to doing so.”

“If you are tired of businesses being solely about profit at the expense of the society and the employees … you have not experience social entrepreneurship.”

“Thank you for providing such a great learning and self-development opportunity. The skills and knowledge acquired in these last weeks will definitely contribute to the development of my own social venture.”

St. Leo University

“The experiences from this tour will remain with me for life. I’ve learned so much in one week of the Costa Rican culture and various businesses. I hope that this program continues for years to come.”
– Timeka K.

University of San Diego

“My experience at the University for Peace was transformational. I learned so much about peace and the Earth Charter that will continue to influence my profession and life back home. This is a truly enlightening experience where I got to engage a revolutionary culture.”
– Anastacia Tobin

St. Leo University

“UPEACE is an amazing organization that helps open your eyes to another world!”
– Kate West