DSIL Innovation Leadership Course

Globally Certified Executive Education
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An executive education course for established leaders run in partnership with the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education. The unique design of the DSIL Course begins with an intensive 8-day field immersion in Southeast Asia where we focus on learning well. The following months invite the close-knit cohort to jump on live classrooms with thought leaders around the world and keep connecting with each other while they practice the new skills where they work and live; turning new skills to habits. The entire course is supported by Berkeley University accredited professional coaches to individualize the program and meet people where ever they are on their personal development journey.

The DSIL lead team is what separates this course from all others, the stories and well of knowledge they pour into our questions makes me feel like I advanced my career 8 years in 8 days. I know they will continue to pass me tools as well.

– DSIL Alumni

I already had a strong background in corporate design and innovation when I joined the DSIL Course, but it is not only a high-value innovation training – it is something much more. The course was a life-changing challenge that broadened my perspectives on self and systems and provided lifelong relationships with peers.

– DSIL Alumni


Why learn from case-studies when you can experience innovation?

DSIL develop leaders holistically by teaching a horizontal breadth of

innovation tools and skills, and a vertical depth of awareness and EQ!

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  1. Innovation mindsets that build adaptability in a world that will not stop changing.
  2. Train the trainers on the design thinking process, skills + tools to fit your context.
  3. How to facilitate co-creation with a diverse team using 33+ practical Liberating Structures.
  4. How to re-ignite your ability to inspire others by exploring your outdated habits
  5. How to embrace complexity and conflict.
  6. How to increase your emotional intelligence (which is 3x more hirable than any hard skill) leading you to better understand who you are.

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The course is suited to established leaders with the ability to make decisions that will create change within their team, organization, and industry. Past cohorts have included CEOs, Founders, Regional Directors, Senior Management, Executives, Team Leaders, and Consultants who work for the world’s best agencies. It is important to note, that we accept individuals on a case by case basis and have a deep understanding that age or years of experience is not a defining characteristic of a great leader.

Completing the DSIL Innovation and Leadership Course will lead to a UPEACE Centre for Executive Education certificate. 

By completing the course, you are well on your way to a Diploma in Social Innovation! Complete the program with just 2 additional courses and continue building skills in this mentor-style program that allows you to work on plans for the future. 

You will also receive a discounted price for the remainder of the program! With the Diploma, you can continue to be part of our global network, receive feedback and coaching from a great network of professors, and, of course, develop innovation projects.

DSIL knows leaders are busy, so have designed a course offering that allows you to choose a sequence that will work for you. Please see the official DSIL Course page for full details of costs and inclusions http://bit.ly/Explore-DSIL-CEE

Join Alumni from over 60+ countries from the social impact, private and government sectors.

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