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I'm interested in one of your courses - where can I get started?

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming course. In order to get started, please fill out a short registration form. The courses have a limited enrollment policy to maximize participant experience so the sooner the better. You will be contacted by us shortly once we receive your registration form.

Once I am accepted, how do I pay the tuition?

To make payment, you can either use a credit card or make a wire transfer. A description of both can be found here.

Are there any pre-requisites for attending a course?

There are no pre-requisites, other than an interest in the subject area and completion of the registration form. Our courses are conducted in English and assume that all participants have the equivalent of a college degree.

My English isn’t high intermediate, do you think this will be a problem?

Your English level will probably be fine for the course – all classroom activities and readings are conducted in English, even when English is a second language for most of the participants.

How many people generally enroll in a course? Will I be able to network with the other participants?

UPEACE Centre courses, whether online or onsite, are designed to be practical and hands-on. They will incorporate case studies, forum discussions, work in small groups, and will encourage peer-to-peer learning and networking. Average class size is about 12-15 participants from diverse professional backgrounds and countries. The small class size allows you both to get to know your fellow peers, and  have invaluable direct access to the course facilitators to ask questions and get feedback on your project.

Are there scholarships that I can apply for? And if so, how can I apply for a scholarship?

We offer a limited number of partial scholarships based on a mix of need and merit-based criteria. No full scholarships are available. In order to apply for a partial scholarship, we ask you to submit a regular registration form, along with a note explaining that you would like to be considered for a partial scholarship. Please include information on your background, experience and motivation to take the course, as this will help us make our decision.

Where is UPEACE located?

UPEACE is located in Costa Rica, just west of the country’s capital of San José.  The University campus is located in the small town El Rodeo, situated on 300 hectares of protected land and surrounded by nature. It is just 30 minute drive from the San José International Airport.

¿Es posible hacer el curso en español?

La mayoría de nuestros cursos abiertos se dirigen en inglés, pero si tiene un grupo/ equipo interesado en un taller dirigido español, con mucho gusto lo podemos hacer para grupos particulares.

For questions and answers specific to online courses, please see below:

Is there a fixed schedule for the online courses? I live on the other side of the world and want to be able to fully participate.

Given that the online courses will have participants from literally all over the world, the course will not have any required real-time meetings. Videos, readings, forum discussions and presentations will be “opened” each Monday for each of the weeks of the course. Most courses include live webinars that you are encouraged to participate in if possible, but they are not mandatory. The courses are designed to be flexible and fit with your schedule.

How many hours should I anticipate allocating each week to coursework?

On average, students have said they spend between 5-8 hours on coursework each week. For this reason most participants take one course at a time, although there have been instances where a course will overlap with another by a couple weeks.

For questions and answers specific to onsite courses, please see below:

Do I need a visa to visit Costa Rica?

If you are from the USA, Canada, México or the European Union, you don’t need a visa to enter Costa Rica. Upon entry you will receive a tourist visa that is valid for 90 days.

If you have a B1/B2 multiple entry visa to the USA, you can use this to enter Costa Rica.

If you do require a visa, we can assist you in the process by providing an official letter of invitation to the onsite course for which you registered.

How will I get to and from campus each day?

UPEACE runs a bus that is free of charge to and from campus each day. Depending on where you are staying, we will tell you where closest stop is located where you can catch the transport.

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