Global Leadership Diploma

Only 5 classes required, payment plans available*

The Global Leadership Diploma consists of five courses that can be taken online, onsite at the University for Peace (UPEACE) campus, or a hybrid combination of the two. Make the most of your diploma with three coaching sessions with a specialist from the UPEACE Centre of Executive Education family,  specifically chosen to match your educational and career goals. Your coach will help you clarify what you want to get out of the program and ensure you understand how best to do so.  You will start growing your impact, capacity, and professional profile right away!

**The next Diploma cohort begins on September 15th, 2023!  Connect with your global cohort and build your network before your first course with a group orientation and onboarding session. Experience this learning journey alongside a community of peers that will be with you throughout! Spots are limited, so reserve yours by sending us an email at**

The global pandemic has made it exceedingly clear that our world is delicately interconnected and needs strong, compassionate, holistic leaders who can see the big picture and take concrete action. Far beyond politicians, we need global #changeleaders across sectors pushing forward new ideas in business, education, and the non-profit world. Be a part of positive change. Begin your global leadership journey today!

Online Course Centre for Executive Education

Plug in from wherever you are!

Earn your Global Leadership Diploma from anywhere in the world.

Take 5 online courses, all while creating valuable connections with participants from all corners of the globe.

Online Course requirements:

– Regenerative Leadership (online) or Positive Leadership (live virtual)
– 4 elective online courses

Program cost: $2,995

Onsite Costa Rica Leadership Course

Join global changemakers at the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica!

Face-to-face leadership training and exceptional networking opportunities with global likeminded professionals, and the chance to do it all amid the beautiful backdrop at the University for Peace (UPEACE) campus.

Onsite Course requirements:

– Positive Leadership (onsite)
– 4 elective onsite courses

Program cost: $4,195

University for Peace Online Course

If you are looking for an Online and Onsite Combination..

With this track, you’ll get the chance to visit the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica for a workshop or two and also take classes online for a transformative hybrid learning experience.

Course requirements:

– 1 onsite course at the UPEACE campus
– 3 online courses
– 1 course that is either online or onsite

*At least one of the courses above must be Regenerative Leadership (online) OR Positive Leadership (live virtual or onsite)

Program cost: $3,495

Global Leadership Onsite and Online

Interested in spending more of your time on the beautiful UPEACE campus?

This option allows for up to 4 onsite courses and also offers you the opportunity to experience online coursework as well.

Course requirements:

– 3 onsite courses at the UPEACE campus
– 1 online course
– 1 course that is either online or onsite

*At least one of the courses above must be Regenerative Leadership (online) OR Positive Leadership (onsite)

Program cost: $3,895

Online Leadership Training University for Peace
Free Coaching Session with Course

Global Leadership Diploma + Three Complimentary Coaching Sessions

Why coaching, and how does it work?

Ensure a successful program with one-on-one mentorship sessions to start you off on  the right foot. Begin your program with your first coaching session, have a second session after you finish up your first course and a third session after your second, with the option to add additional coaching sessions as needed. As you start your diploma, we’ll ask you to share your profile, professional challenges, and goals for the program. Based on your answers, we’ll match you with one of our qualified coaches to meet with you at the outset of the program, and then twice more as you progress. In completely confidential, hour-long sessions, they will help you think through what you need to do to move forward in your life and career. From problem-solving to strengths-finding, they will ensure sure you get the most out of your Diploma program.


Our course facilitators are hand-picked experts with amazing experience and credentials. Hailing from countries all over the world, they include best-selling authors, Harvard graduates, university professors, and executive directors. Each and every one of them is not only extremely knowledgeable, but actually lives and breathes the subject they’re teaching about. As practitioners in their respective fields of interest, they can truly guide participants towards creating impact and change.

And what’s more? The UPEACE Centre facilitators make themselves very available throughout their course for participant questions and concerns, programing 1-1 calls outside class hours to talk through specifics of the course. The facilitators are just as invested in the experience as you are and want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it!

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