Global Leadership Diploma

The Global Leadership Diploma provides the space to develop the skills, creative confidence and networks needed to approach complex problems in a fast-changing world. Participants gain dynamic training and personalized reflection to prepare for a future of diverse global challenges.


Your Global Leadership Diploma consists of 5 cutting-edge courses that can be taken in a variety of formats. You can take all courses online, all courses onsite at the UPEACE campus or do a hybrid version,  combining  virtual and face-to-face learning experiences. What’s right for you?

Global Leadership Diploma Tracks

Purely online track
Purely online track

Plug in from wherever you are! Earn your Global Leadership Diploma from anywhere in the world. Take 5 online courses, all while creating valuable connections with participants from all corners of the globe.

Course requirements:

Regenerative Leadership
4 elective online courses

Program cost:

Purely onsite track
Purely onsite track

Join global changemakers at the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica throughout your entire journey towards your Global Leadership Diploma. You’ll get face-to-face instruction, exceptional networking opportunities with likeminded professionals and the chance to do it all amid the beautiful backdrop of the UPEACE campus!

Course requirements:

Positive Leadership
4 elective onsite courses

Program cost:

Hybrid track - online emphasis
Hybrid track - online emphasis

With this track, you’ll get a chance to visit the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica for a workshop or two and also take classes online for a transformative hybrid learning experience.

Course requirements:

– 1 onsite course at the UPEACE campus
– 3 online courses
– 1 course that is either online or onsite

* At least one of the courses above must be Regenerative Leadership (online) OR Positive Leadership (onsite)

Program cost:

Hybrid track - onsite emphasis
Hybrid track - onsite emphasis

Interested in spending more of your time on the beautiful UPEACE campus? This option allows for up to 4 onsite courses and also offers you the opportunity to experience online coursework as well.

Course requirements:

– 3 onsite courses at the UPEACE campus
– 1 online course
– 1 course that is either online or onsite

* At least one of the courses above must be Regenerative Leadership (online) OR Positive Leadership (onsite)

Program cost:


Join passionate changemakers from around the world at the University for Peace for a one-of-a-kind experience that combines face-to-face connection and collaboration.  The next onsite opportunities that contribute towards your Global Leadership Diploma are:



Choose from the following online course options, designed to be flexible for working professionals. Work your way through coursework from the comfort of your own home and within the confines of your busy schedule.


Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

What will you gain from the Global Leadership Diploma?

  • The skills and tools necessary to stand out as a global leader in your field
  • Specific strategies to shape and grow your personal leadership strategy
  • Exposure to different business models for measuring impact and innovative design
  • Tools to create a high-performance work environment
  • The ability to create a culture of creativity and innovation, both personally and on an organizational level


  • A diploma from the Centre of Executive Education at the University for Peace, established by the UN General Assembly
  • A network of global leaders from around the world with whom you can consult and confer with
  • Cutting-edge courses structured by a Harvard Graduate School of Education alumnus
  • The opportunity to visit the University for Peace in Costa Rica
  • Flexible online courses allow you to participate from the comfort of your own home and within the confines of your busy schedule

Who should pursue the Global Leadership Diploma?

Anyone looking to create positive change in the world is a good candidate for this program. Participants hail from all sectors, ranging from business executives and consultants to nonprofit leaders, educators and graduate students.

If you need inspiration and a stimulating learning environment to take your professional goals to the next level, this program is for you.


Diploma Cost

Depending on the track you choose, the Global Leadership Diploma cost ranges from $2,495 to $3,695. Please note that this cost does not include transportation to/from Costa Rica and housing and meal costs while in-country for onsite course(s).

We will be happy to offer suggestions for a variety of lodging options in Costa Rica, as well as help in estimating a budget for the onsite portion of your Global Leadership Diploma program.


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