Our Qualified Online & Onsite Instructors include:

Facilitator Mohit Mukherjee

Mohit Mukherjee is the Founding Director of the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education. He is also the founder of Changemaker International, an organization focused on enabling youth to gain the skills to be social innovators. He has also served as Vice President of Programs for Watson U, the first incubator leading to a degree for next generation social entrepreneurs. Prior to these positions, Mohit Mukherjee served as Education Program Manager of the Earth Charter Initiative, a global movement of organizations and individuals promoting sustainable development. Mohit earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University in 1995 and did his Master’s at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2002. He currently resides in Florida.


Abhinav Khanal facilitates the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change  and the Design Thinking course. Abhinav is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of Bean Voyage, a non-profit social enterprise that provides training and market access to smallholder women coffee producers in Costa Rica and Nepal. He is also the Co-Founder & Chief Thought Officer at Little Big Fund, which provides knowledge, networks, and micro-grants to early-stage non-profit leaders around the world. He is a Cordes Fellow, Resolution Fellow, Trust Scholar, Watson Scholar, and a One Young World Ambassador. Abhinav has a B.A in Political Science from Earlham College


Amr Abdalla facilitates the Skills for Effective Negotiations course and the Skills for Effective Negotiations onsite workshop. Currently based in Washington, D.C., Dr. Abdalla is Professor Emeritus at the University for Peace, and serves as the Senior Advisor on Conflict Resolution at the Washington-based organization KARAMAH (Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights).  Amr brings a multidisciplinary background to his graduate classes and workshops in conflict analysis and resolution, which he has conducted in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. He holds a law degree from Egypt, a Master’s degree in Sociology and Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University.


Alonso Muñoz facilitates the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change course. Alonso is an instructor in the Department of Environment and Development at the University for Peace (Costa Rica), where he also coordinates the Programme in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development (RMSED). He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Costa Rica and a M.Sc. in Business Administration. He has worked in the private sector as a consultant and as an entrepreneur and has volunteered on various national and international projects regarding peace education, migration, environmental impacts of systems, and Social Enterprises. He is a novelist, a blogger, a peace advocate, an entrepreneur and passionate about social and environmental development.

Art Sherwood, instructor for Positive Leadership

Art Sherwood facilitates the onsite and online Positive Leadership. He is the David Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship, Director of WWU’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programs.  He teaches and researches human-centered entrepreneurship and innovation education with a focus on well-being and coaching promoting flourishing practices for lifelong changemaking.  He is an experienced entrepreneur and certified executive coach and is actively engaged as co-founder of Reimagine by Design, LLC and member-owner of Columinate, a cooperatively owned consulting business.

entrepreneurship facilitator

Eliza Raymond facilitates the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change course. She is the co-founder and director of operations at GOOD Travel. This New Zealand-based social enterprise is working globally to transform the tourism industry into a force for GOOD. Eliza holds a Master of Tourism from the University of Otago in New Zealand where she researched good practice in voluntourism and tutored a variety of undergraduate tourism programs.

Eliza was a finalist for the 2019 New Zealand Women of Influence Awards as well as the winner of the travel category for the 2019 New Zealand Good People Awards. In addition to her work at GOOD Travel, she has worked on international development projects and social change initiatives in Peru, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Chile, Nepal, South Africa and Kenya.

Leadership Flor Garcia

Flor García Mencos facilitates the onsite workshop Positive Leadership. Flor is a Clinical Psychologist, specialized in Sensory Integration Therapy, Neuromotor Therapy and Trauma Therapy. She has worked as a therapist, university professor and as manager and organizational consultant.

Graduated from the Academy for Leaders of the Center for Courage & Renewal in the United States and from the Executive Education program at INCAE as Executive Coach. She is a certified trainer in Restorative Practices and a member of the International Institute of Restorative Practices Board of Directors. Flor is co-founder and Executive Director of the Association for Leadership in Guatemala, where she facilitates training processes for a network of 120 organizations and leaders from different parts of Central America.


Gabriela Cevallos, facilitates the Designing Your Life course. Gaby is a social innovator interested in human development and education. She is the founder of The Life Experiment where she designs experiences for organizations to increase the well-being of their employees. She also helps individuals connect with themselves, their purpose, and design a life and online business they love through personalized workshops, coaching sessions and transformational online programs.

She is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach and has a background in Peace Education, Social Innovation Management, Communication and Positive Psychology. Gaby holds a B.A. in Organizational Communication and PR, an MBA and a Postgraduate in Social Innovation, Diploma in Social Innovation from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education.


Jessica Hinshaw, co-facilitates the Mission Impossible? Measuring Outcomes & Impact course. She received her Masters in Public Health (specializing in Global Health) from Vanderbilt University and is a current doctoral student in the Human and Organizational Learning program at the George Washington University.

Jessica has worked professionally as a Monitoring and Evaluation and Global Health Education specialist in Nicaragua and the United States, focusing on community-based organizations and community-based participatory research. She is currently the co-chair of the Community-Based Primary Health Care working group of the American Public Health Association.

John Hardman, professor of regenerative leadership of Regenerative Leadership

John Hardman facilitates the Regenerative Leadership course. He is a faculty member in the Department of Educational Leadership & Research Methodology at Florida Atlantic University, where he teaches Master’s and Doctoral level courses in school administration and qualitative research. Simultaneously, John is the departmental liaison to the Palm Beach County School District and the Chair of the College of Education’s Diversity Committee. John is also the founder of Regenerative Organizations, a consulting firm that specializes in helping facilitate organizational shift toward sustainability and regenerative practices. He is the author of ‘Leading for Regeneration: Going beyond Sustainability in Business, Education, and Community’ (Routledge, 2012). Originally from Argentina, John now lives in Florida.


Lars Kure Juul Nielsen facilitates Organizational Happiness and the onsite workshop Positive Leadership. Lars is an International Trusted Advisor, HR Executive and Talent Management Expert working out of Copenhagen with a wide range of Leaders, International Organizations and Institutions across the globe. Lars’ educational background consists of a Masters of Law from University of Copenhagen and HR, Leadership & Talent Management from INSEAD and Harvard Business School. Lars is the creator of the model and tool, The Happiness Sweet Spot, and author of the book, HR Fitness on Strategy into Action.


Laura García facilitates the Social Media for Social Innovation course. She is a Mexican multimedia storyteller with a wide range of television and online experience. She started working as a multimedia journalist back in her home town of Mexico, and lived and worked in Austin TX before coming to the UK in September 2011. Since then, she has worked in different newsrooms across the UK: ITV Meridian, BBC South East, BBC Radio Kent, NBC News, R4’s The World Tonight and ITN’s Channel 5 News. As a result of growing interest in UK politics since the vote to leave the European Union, every once in a while she works as a foreign correspondent for Imagen Mexico, Bloomberg Mexico and Estrella TV in Los Angeles.

Currently, Laura teaches journalists from all over the world how to spot and verify disinformation. She is passionate about diversifying the media, cofounded a social enterprise called PressPad and runs the UK chapter of the Worldwide Association of Women Journalists and Writers.

Luis Gallardo World Happiness Academy

Luis Gallardo co-founded the first Gross Global Happiness Summit, and is a key leader in running this annual event. He is Founder and President of the World Happiness Foundation and World Happiness Fest, platforms that unite and amplify the impact of thousands of thought leaders and practitioners on human development, happiness and well-being around the world. Luis is the author of Happytalism and The Exponentials of Happiness and co-founder of the Gross Global Happiness program at the United Nations University for Peace. MBA from IMD in Switzerland. MA in Peace Studies from the Richardson Institute at Lancaster University and BA in Political Science and Sociology. Learn more about his profile at www.gallardo.world.

miguel tello

Miguel Tello co-facilitates the Mission Impossible? Measuring Outcomes & Impact course. He also facilitates the Positive Leadership workshop and offers onsite workshops on Circles and Restorative Justice. Miguel is the Executive Director of the Strachan Foundation, a family foundation that supports education and health projects throughout Central America. Miguel is also a Trustee and an Adjunct Professor for the International Institute for Restorative Practices, a graduate school in Pennsylvania. He offers restorative practices training and consulting to a variety of NGOs, schools, churches and criminal justice professionals in Central America. He holds master’s degrees in public administration and international studies from the University of Washington in Seattle. Miguel is originally from Mexico. He currently lives in Costa Rica with his wife and two sons.

Gross Global Happiness Summit Naita

Naita Chialvo facilitates the online courses Global Citizenship Education and Educating in Changing times. Naita holds a bachelor’s in Economics, with a minor in Asian American Studies from UCLA, a Leadership Certificate from the UCLA Center for Asian American Studies, a Masters in Peace Education from the United Nation established University for Peace in Costa Rica, a Diploma in Social Innovation from the University for Peace Centre for Executive Education in Costa Rica, and professional Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from INSEAD in Singapore.

Naita is an experienced global leader at the intersection of education-for-change, youth-for-change, women-led empowerment building, and the community-led development sector. She has worked on large scale initiatives to improve opportunities for people through facilitating lifelong learning with the ultimate belief in education as the equalizer for improving the wellbeing. She’s held leadership roles with READ Global, Stanford’s Teacher Education Program and The Asia Foundation. Prior to her career in international development, she also served in various positions within education as a teacher, mentor, coach and administrator.

Leadership- Rodolfo Carrillo

Rodolfo Carrillo facilitates the onsite workshop Positive Leadership. Rodolfo, an MBA graduate, has been involved in business consulting and training for more than 15 years and has participated as an independent director in more than 20 business boards. Rodolfo has a very interesting and unique combination of business skills, experience and spiritual wisdom that triggers profound transformation through his work, which is motivated by his purpose to raise consciousness in the World so all beings can live with greater wellbeing. He has travelled and given talks and workshops throughout the world, having visited more than 30 countries and also lived abroad in the United States, Spain and his home, Costa Rica. This gives him a very deep cultural sensibility, which he uses as leverage in the work he does.

Shelley Bragg

Shelley Bragg facilitates the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change course. Shelley is the co-founder and Director of Development of GOOD Travel, a New Zealand based social enterprise focused on transforming the tourism industry into a force for GOOD.  For over a decade, Shelley also worked for international schools in China and Thailand, as Director of Marketing and Communications and currently consults with schools in various countries. She has also been involved in various non-profit organizations and social enterprises, supporting with fundraising, events and communications. She is the Asia Tour Manager for the Kliptown Youth Program in Johannesburg, South Africa and she has also served on the Board of Directors for the South African Thai Chamber of Commerce. She has her Honours in Development Studies and a B.A. in Language and Literature, both from the University of South Africa. She is based in Cape Town, South Africa but is often in the U.S.

fundraising facilitator

Shelly Galvin facilitates the Tackling Finance in the Social Sector: From Fundraising to Impact Investment. She is leading technology learning company CBT Nuggets’ Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement. Shelly is a pioneer of modern corporate philanthropy. She has worked as a fundraiser and consultant globally with nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs. She also worked on a proposal development and business development team with small companies in Africa and the Middle East competing for USAID project funding. She’s won funding for projects large and small, from a $5,000 campaign for diversity in education training for local teachers to a $300M infrastructure project for USAID West Bank/Gaza. Most recently, Shelly helped NGO Drop in the Bucket win $100,000 from Coca Cola to aid South Sudanese refugees, the first time Coca Cola’s philanthropic arm has supported disaster relief efforts. Shelly holds a Diploma in Social Innovation from the University for Peace (UPEACE) Centre for Executive Education.

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