Mohit Mukherjee

Mohit is the Founding Director of the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, which he launched in 2006. He is a passionate educator who has been designing and delivering impactful learning experiences to professionals from around the world in the areas of Social Entrepreneurship, Positive Leadership, and Organizational Happiness – to name a few. The topics have evolved over time, but his purpose remains to “Help facilitate transformational experiences”.

Mohit’s professional background includes management consulting, teaching high school, working with a global non-profit with a focus on sustainable development, leading a venture-funded private-public partnership, and being VP of Programs at an incubator for social entrepreneurs. Throughout the past fifteen years, he designed and delivered programs in a dozen countries to 3500+ participants. Mohit finds that leaders who create the conditions for well-being in their teams enjoy the journey more and also get better results.

Mohit has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and did his Master’s at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He was born in Greece to Indian parents and currently lives in the United Sates, but you can often find him in Costa Rica.

Julia Delafield

Julia is the Director of the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education. She has dual master’s degrees from UPEACE and American University in Washington DC in International Relations and Affairs and Natural Resources and Sustainable Development. Before joining the Centre, Julia spent three years working with a social enterprise dedicated to bringing volunteers and Spanish learners to Latin America.

She also is a co-founder of Lafaza, a sustainable vanilla importing venture with her brothers, and spent the first half of her career with Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA working on development and environmental certification programs through Latin America. Julia is from the United States but has lived in Costa Rica since 2009, as well as spending significant time in Mexico and Brazil.

Hannah Benson

Hannah is the Program Manager for the Centre for Executive Education, in charge of managing the online and onsite open-enrollment programs and, of course, contributing to the rest of the organization’s mission as well. Hannah’s last position was with Discovery, working as a Research Analyst on the Latin American market.

She also worked with Maximo Nivel, an Intercultural Center hosting volunteers in Costa Rica, where she was in charge of managing and supervising volunteers and the projects with which they worked. Hannah holds a BA in Psychology from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

Anthony Marten

Anthony is the Marketing and Program Specialist for the Centre for Executive Education. Anthony was born in Minnesota, USA, but has lived in Costa Rica since he was 13. He has worked with Family for Every Child and the Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Environment Platform.

He holds a BA in Social Communications from the University of Costa Rica, with a particular interest in gender equality, LGBTIQ+ rights, and youth empowerment. He is also a board member of Bean Voyage, a women-powered coffee NGO, which operates in Costa Rica and Mexico.

María Celeste Vargas

María Celeste is the Program Administrator for the Centre for Executive Education, in charge of online and onsite program enrollment and logistics, as well as hosting university groups.

Celeste is finishing her BA in International Relations and Affairs from the Latin American University of Science and Technology and has been immersed in several University for Peace events such as the Model of United Nations (MUN). She participated in the Amnesty International and Saint Francis College Human Rights and Global Citizenship Program in New York City. Celeste is passionate about ecological sustainability, human rights, the understanding of the international system and loves meeting new people.

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