Designing Your Life: Innovating from the Inside Out

4-Week Online Course

Start Date: January 26, 2021

You have always known that work-life balance is critical to your wellbeing and happiness. Are you struggling with this? Designing Your Life is the course that you need!

Today, this notion of ‘life-balance’ that acknowledges the interconnectedness of the different dimensions of our life is entering mainstream thinking like never before. Buoyed by the growth of books on ‘Happiness’ and the study of what contributes towards ‘Personal Productivity’, leading universities are offering courses that allow students to take an inner journey.

This cutting-edge course bridges the gap between the ‘self-help’ genre of books and the theoretical research by Ph.D.s in psychology.

A month-long course will give you the space, structure, support and motivation to answer some very fundamental questions regarding your passions, your strengths, your goals, your limiting beliefs (yes, everyone has some), your priorities, your comfort zone, and your key relationships.

The course is an online course, including: videos, lectures, articles and forums for discussions. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

This participant-centered course will leverage the following resources:

  1. Readings by leading researchers in the field of positive psychology on the importance of goal-setting and positive thinking;
  2. Exercises and activities that will enable you to explicitly answer and practice the critical questions referred to above;
  3. Hand-picked evaluation tools that will give you real-time feedback on your strengths, positivity ratio, and resilience;
  4. Videos of leading ‘changemakers’ who share powerful stories of how they are practicing the theories of the course in their lives;
  5. A cross-cultural dialogue with an international community of like-minded professionals.

This course will cover the following topic areas:

  • Week 1: The Good Life: Cultivating Positivity
  • Week 2: Know your Strengths: Finding Flow
  • Week 3: Understanding Relationships and Empathy
  • Week 4: Measuring Success: How do you keep score?

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Read the research on the benefits of cultivating a positive mindset
  • Practiced strategies to cultivate appreciation and positivity
  • A ranked list of your character strengths
  • A plan to increase the time you spend in activities that draw on your strengths
  • Identified key people in your life, how they support you, and how to engage them further
  • Practiced being more empathetic and discussed why it’s such a critical skill in the 21st Century
  • Identified the major sources of work-life balance conflict
  • Designed, developed and completed a Personal Work-Life Balance Plan

This is a 4-week online course starting January 26, 2021

The mix of participants from different backgrounds is an important and valued aspect of this course. This certificate course is designed for, but not restricted to:

  • Nonprofit leaders and Social Entrepreneurs
  • Business executives
  • Public sector and community leaders
  • Students finishing their Master’s and contemplating ‘what next’
  • Academics and individuals interested in a very practical application of ‘Design Thinking’
  • All individuals interested in being more intentional about their life

$595 tuition rate. A Certificate will be awarded upon completion by the Centre for Executive Education at the University for Peace, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Enroll with someone else and each will receive a 10% discount.

The return on investment is hard to calculate – but after this course, you’ll have the tools to lead an even more fulfilled life. Take this online course and connect with people all around the world who have also made the decision to invest in their own wellbeing!

Have a question? Contact us at , or visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Course Facilitator


The course is co-facilitated by Kelley Haynes-Mendez. Kelley received her Psy.D. degree in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (Los Angeles) and is a licensed psychologist in the state of Texas. She is an associate professor with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Haynes-Mendez has more than a decade of teaching experience specializing in diversity, cross-cultural and international issues. She is a member of the American Psychological Association. She is the Vice President for Diversity and International Relations for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA, Division 2), leading division initiatives to increase diversity and international partnerships. In 2008, she completed a guest lectureship in Cape Town, South Africa where she taught topics on family and intercultural studies.

Dr. Haynes-Mendez also completed a Diploma in Social Innovation with the UN established University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education in Costa Rica in 2017. She continues to collaborate with the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education to foster professional development for higher education faculty, staff, and administrators.


The course is co-facilitated by Mohit Mukherjee. Mohit is an innovator in the learning and development area, with over a decade of experience working with professionals in the areas of innovation, positive leadership, and organizational happiness.  As the founding director of the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, he has developed and taught over 50 seminars around the world. Over the past decade, he has also consulted with several forward-looking institutions helping them build curriculum and deliver programs related to ‘Design Thinking and ‘Organizational Well-being’. Mohit recently authored a handbook for social entrepreneurs.

After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 1995, Mohit started his career in corporate America with A.T. Kearney management consultants, but after three years he decided to make the switch to the field of education, which he realized was more aligned with his strengths and passions. He got his Master’s at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Mohit was born in Greece to Indian parents and currently lives in Florida.

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