Boost your skills & profile with a Diploma in Social Innovation or Global Leadership from the University for Peace, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations



A practical, flexible program to help you create deep impact

Take 5 online, live virtual or face-to-face courses to complete your diploma. With just one required course for each diploma, you choose the subjects and timing that work best for you and help you meet your goals. Join and international cohort with highly qualified, accessible facilitators. The program also includes 2 one-on-one coaching sessions to help you address your challenges and ensure that your learning translates into action!

Which Diploma program is right for you? As the first step on your journey, learn more about the Diploma in Social Innovation or the Global Leadership Diploma!

Who is in the UPEACE Diploma programs?

You’ll join a truly dynamic, global classroom with people from all over the world who are working in a host of different professional sectors. Need we say more? The networking possibilities are endless! 

Participants from 60+ countries

Ages range from 20-62 years


  • Non-profit
  • For-profit/ Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • United Nations
  • Business owner

Why do people take a UPEACE Diploma program?

What makes the UPEACE Diploma program unique? 

You’ve got plenty of professional development options to choose from these days. Why choose UPEACE? Here are just a few reasons. 

diploma benefits

The Diploma journey – a sample

Meet Sophia, a 30-year old professional who dreamed of starting her own social enterprise in her hometown in Brazil.

Here’s how she did it throughout her 5-course Diploma experience –

Two Complimentary Coaching Sessions

Why coaching and how does it work?

Ensure a successful program with one-on-one mentorship sessions to start you off on  the right foot. Begin your program with a coach and have a second session after you finish up your first course, with the option to add additional coaching sessions as needed. As you start your diploma, we’ll ask you to share your profile, professional challenges, and goals for the program. Based on your answers, we’ll match you with one of our qualified coaches to meet with you at the outset of the program, and then again as you progress. In completely confidential, hour-long sessions, they will help you think through what you need to do to move forward in your life and career. From problem-solving to strengths-finding, they will ensure sure you get the most out of your Diploma program.


We offer two executive Diploma programs, one in Social Innovation and another in Global Leadership. The courses you can take to complete either Diploma are similar  with the exception of the required course that has a social innovation or leadership focus. 

 Which one is right for you? Check out the below to see which profile is an ideal fit.  How do you see yourself?

 Global Leadership Diploma

  • As an aspiring leader in your organization or business
  • As a global citizen working in an increasingly small and interdependent world
  • With a soft skill focus and an understanding that what makes you human makes you strong
  • Interested in creating a culture of creativity & strengths-based teams in your organization
  • A flexible learner – interested in online learning or available to study fully onsite at the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica

Diploma in Social Innovation

  • As entrepreneurial and growth-oriented
  • Excited to start your own organization or social business, or launch an impact-oriented project within your existing workplace
  • Itching to solve a pressing problem in your community or the world
  • In transition and working on your ‘next steps’
  • An independent learner who loves the flexibility of online courses, whether or not you’re available for onsite options at the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica

Alumni testimonials – hear what they have to say!

A 1-minute video from nonprofit founder, Liliana Nuñez, a Global Leadership Diploma alum:

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