Explore our comprehensive diploma programs to learn more about a ‘Diploma in Social Innovation‘ or a ‘Global Leadership Diploma.’ Stand alone courses (which count toward the diplomas) are listed below.

Upcoming Online, Live Virtual & Onsite Courses:

Online courses focus on asynchronous learning with opportunities to come together with your classmates, live virtual workshops emphasize the virtual classroom experience with complementary asynchronous materials, and onsite courses take place at the University for Peace in Costa Rica.

All of the above courses count toward our Diploma programs! A ‘Global Leadership Diploma‘ provides the space to develop the skills, creative confidence and networks needed to approach complex problems in a fast-changing world. A ‘Diploma in Social Innovation‘ brings together the tools, inspiration and feedback you need to develop and launch a social business, organization or project, or to fine-tune one that is already in progress.

Write to us at centre@upeace.org to set up a time to talk about how to start your diploma journey!

We also have a wide variety of workshop offerings that can be organized on demand. They can be presented at your home institution, or if you can provide six participants or more, we’ll gladly organize a special workshop at the University for Peace campus on dates that are convenient for you and your team.

Partner Programs:

We currently offer the following programs in partnership with other organizations:

Onlive vr Virtual

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