Leadership Development

For World-Class Organizational Leaders

Leadership Development

For World-Class Organizational Leaders

Looking to develop leaders within your organization or on your team?

The Centre offers a wide array of customized workshops to help leaders grow, address corporate challenges and build strong teams. Each experience can be customized to fit the unique needs of your organization. We can offer a 1-time experience, or put together a long-term program oriented toward meeting your specific organizational needs.

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Positive Leadership

Reflect on what leadership means and how leadership relates to organizational wellbeing.

Workshop Outcome

Develop a clear understanding of how leadership relates to both achieving results but also prioritizing a process that allows for team members to flourish.

Appreciative Inquiry

Overview of the Appreciative Inquiry process along with practical examples of how it has been applied in different contexts.

Workshop Outcome

Have an understanding of the 4-D Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process and see how to apply it to personal and professional situations

Design Thinking

Experience the main steps of Design Thinking and then explore its relevance in defining a personal leadership challenge.

Workshop Outcome

See how Design Thinking could be applied to complex challenges. Define a Design Challenge you’d like to focus on for this course.

Personal ‘Branding’

This session introduces the concept of personal branding and allows participants to work on their ‘Why’, ‘What’, and ‘How’.

Workshop Outcome

Develop both a written and verbal ‘pitch’ that incorporates your ‘Why.’ Develop (or revise) your LinkedIn summary statement.

Engagement – Using Your Strengths

Take the VIA strengths survey and reflect on top strengths and how to use them while cultivating positivity at work.

Workshop Outcome

Receive feedback on your VIA strengths survey and brainstorm strategies to bring your strengths and positive emotions more centrally into your work/life.

Managing Change

Reflect on how to deal with change using a 2×2 framework on Change Management.

Workshop Outcome

Have a greater insight on where you are on the ‘change’ spectrum and strategies for making it easier to navigate change.

Empathy & Conflict Transformation

Look at research on the power of empathy and vulnerability and reflect on how to apply these concepts to transform conflicts.

Workshop Outcome

Receive feedback on ‘your conflict style’ and develop insights into how people might act in different conflict situations. Practice empathy with a real inter-personal conflict situation.

Building High Trust Teams

Explore a leadership-models framework for high trust teams and psychological safety, including the critical role of mentors.

Workshop Outcome

Reflect upon and practice an approach for developing high-trust relationships, whether 1 on 1, or in teams.

Influence, Storytelling & Presenting

Focus on different influence strategies and how to make your message ‘stick’ while practicing and receiving feedback.

Workshop Outcome

Practice strategies for influencing your audience and communication in ‘sticky’ ways.

Bridging Cultures & Generations

Take an in-depth look at research and some of the best practices for working across cultures and generations.

Workshop Outcome

Adapt each participant’s strategy and communication style among cultural and generational differences in order to build strong ‘third culture’ environments.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Learn how to give feedback and coaching, including the concept of ‘rapid prototyping’ in the context of acting on feedback.

Workshop Outcome

Understand and practice techniques of giving and receiving feedback as well as giving oneself permission to ‘rapidly prototype’.

Managing Energy, Not Time

Look at four different sources of energy, ‘audit energy’ to identify improvements, and link energy management to goals completion.

Workshop Outcome

See the links between managing energy and managing priorities. Work on all four areas of energy and commit to goals in each area. Designate an accountability partner to help with follow-up.

Restorative Justice & the Use of Circles

Understand the concept of restorative (as opposed to punitive) justice, and how leadership circles can help with conflict resolution in teams.

Workshop Outcome

Understand how moderated dialogue and circles and resolve complex challenges or disagreements in organizations. Learn and rehearse the preparation of key questions and circle facilitation best practices.

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