Virtual Study Abroad with UPEACE in Costa Rica?

It’s a tough time to travel! But did you know that virtual study abroad programs can not only open your students’ minds to different perspectives and narratives, but can bring the barriers to entry way down as well? Think about it – a travel documentary targeted to your needs, where you get to have live conversations with the host and people from the community.

We will create your customized program hand-in-hand with you, but possible topics include Global Health, Global Citizenship, Social Business, Sustainability, Leadership & Peace, Eco-Tourism, and International Development.

So how is Virtual Study Abroad done and what does it include? Here are a few examples:

  1. Virtual presentations and live, interactive Q&A sessions with local Costa Rican businesses, schools, and community organizations
  2. Lectures/conversations with leaders from any number of fields, including marine conservation in Costa Rica, renewable energies, circular economy, the use of plastics in Costa Rica, social business, education at all levels, etc.
  3. Workshops on topics such as conflict resolution, intercultural communication, restorative justice, and the environmental landscape in Costa Rica
  4. Virtual tours of Costa Rican coffee plantations, national parks, beaches, rainforest, and wildlife conservation centers
  5. Live cooking and cultural workshops

Programs range from 1-hour sessions to 1-4 weeks and full semester options.

We’re excited to improve access with affordable prices and a no-travel option that makes international experiences possible!

Costa Rica is amazing. Come join us, without leaving home!

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