Positive Leadership


Course Information

November 1-3rd, 2017, UPEACE Campus in Costa Rica
February 22-24th, 2018, UPEACE Campus in Costa Rica

Want to find or work further with your ‘WHY’ and purpose? Are you ready to better understand your personal talents and signature strengths? Are you ready to take that next step, reflect on your leadership style and be inspired? Come join us in a unique place in a magical setting on the UPEACE Campus.  Experience connection, rejuvenation, co-creation, learning, and global networking with a great team facilitators and fellow-participants.

This seminar focuses on a human paradigm of leadership – the ability to connect with people you work with, to see how things look from their perspective, to engage and motivate them appealing to their strengths and passions. Today’s “positive” leader is able to unleash the potential of each individual in the organization.


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Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • A refreshing new sense of appreciation, empathy and positivity.
  • Leadership tools including appreciative inquiry and dialogue circles to resolve conflict and foster positive change in your work environment.
  • A better understanding of your strengths, positivity ratio and resilience.
  • Confronted and begun to resolve major sources of work-life balance conflict that apply to you.
  • Developed deep relationships with a network of an amazing, global array of peers, professors and mentors from the course.

Course Format

The course is designed to be a practical and hands-on workshop, allowing space for sharing and peer-to-peer learning. Spanning three full days on campus, we’ll cover a variety of introspective activities, theory, and small group application.

Who Should Attend Positive Leadership?

Positive Leadership is purposefully designed to be applicable at all ages and career levels, and across a variety of fields. Participants often share some of the following characteristics:

  • A desire to change, grow, or re-establish passion for their career
  • A deep drive to push personal boundaries and give back to the community/world
  • The need to connect with like-minded individuals and broaden their already global mindset
  • Professionals in fast-growing career fields who want to stay ahead of the curve


The course is led by Mohit Mukherjee.

Mohit Mukherjee, Instructor Diploma in Social InnovationMohit is the Founding Director of the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education. With a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, and a Master’s from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Mohit has chosen to focus his career on teaching the skills of social innovation and changemaking. He inspires participants at all levels to take creative risks, cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, and to use their unique strengths to make a difference in the world.

This course also includes a half-day workshop session on the use of circles for team engagement and conflict resolution with Miguel Tello:

Miguel Tello  is the director of the Strachan Foundation, a family foundation in Costa Rica that supports education and health programs throughout Central America. In addition, he is a certified trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices.

Course Cost

$895 Corporate
Enroll with a colleague each will receive a 15% discount. Contact us for groups of 3 or more.
10% Discount Academics and NGO’s
Univeristy for Peace alumni and alumni of the Centre for Executive Education receive a discount.

All participants will be awarded a certificate from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education upon completion of the course.

Have a question? Contact us at centre@upeace.org with inquiries or to set up a phone call, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

In this course we talk a lot about ‘starting with the why.’ This powerful TED talk by Simon Sinek introduces this model for inspirational leadership by looking at Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers.

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