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Centre News Post – January 2013

The UN University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education has just launched its online Diploma in Social Innovation.

But what does it mean to be a social innovator?

A social innovator is someone who intentionally nurtures the skills that cannot be outsourced, are intrinsically human, and are essential for the “Conceptual Age” that we live in. A social innovator embraces the core values espoused by the United Nations: that we are one, human family living in a highly interdependent and fragile world. The complex issues that face us in the 21st Century–from climate change to poverty alleviation–require a new form of thinking. Becoming a social innovator not only means pursuing your own positive impact goals, but also generating meaning and reflection on your own life. The Social Innovator journey towards positive impact is more than just outward actions; it’s a deep reflection on the tools and skills needed to become a conscious global leader.

The Diploma offers you the opportunity to take 5 of the Centre’s cutting-edge, online courses at a reduced tuition over an 18-month period. We invite you to consider this Diploma and network with international individuals who also decided to invest in themselves in order to pursue a mindset that’s ready to flourish in our fast-changing world.
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