6 Questions to Kick Off the New Year

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6 Questions to Kick Off the New Year

Three days for a professional development workshop could seem like a very long time to take off work.  But last month, as we entered the final day of our Positive Leadership workshop at the University for Peace, a participant marveled on how fast it had gone. “It’s because I’ve been in flow!” she exclaimed, a reference to the idea that when we use our highest strengths towards something that we find meaningful, time flies!

The setting had been spectacular – the campus of the University for Peace when the season was changing from ‘green season’ to ‘summer’ in Costa Rica. But it was the participants, or the “guests to this party” as we like to call them, who made the Positive Leadership uniquely impactful. They came from half a dozen different countries, across different sectors, and ranged from Millennials to Baby boomers.

To capture some highlights, here’s a ‘Top 6 Questions’ list and how positive leaders might respond.

Questions and Answers:

What to do when you have a BIG problem on your hands?
Reframe it as an ‘opportunity for personal growth’ and use Appreciative Inquiry.

Have an important topic to problem to resolve with your team at work?
Use a “circle process” and pass an iguana around.

Also have an interpersonal conflict do deal with?
Don’t be a turtle, be the owl!

What should you do when things get stressful at work?
Remember Rule #6!

Can’t get a ‘failure’ off your mind?
Share it with a room full of people and get a round of applause.

What is happiness?
In one word, PERMA

Intrigued and want to learn more? While we never really offer the exact same course twice, we will be offering a version of Positive Leadership again in July 2015.  The group make up is sure to be different, but one thing that we guarantee is that you’ll engage with inspiring participants from different walks of life who’ve all decided that investing their own professional development is one of the best ways to spend 3 days! If you are interested in getting started sooner, I suggest registering for our ‘Designing Your Life: Innovating From the Inside Out‘ course starting January 15th, 2015 – a great way to kick-off your new year!

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