Facing a Complex Challenge? Apply Design Thinking

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Do you feel that your organization needs to be more innovative? Are you facing challenges that are not easily addressed through conventional problem-solving approaches? Are you finding that planning for the future, both personally and professionally, is more complex than before?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider approaching your professional and personal challenges with Design Thinking, a creative approach to problem-solving that embraces empathy, curiosity, optimism and collaboration.

To train more people in this powerful problem solving approach, the University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education is hosting an intensive 2-day Design Thinking workshop on November 1-2, 2019. The workshop will guide participants through the methodology, combining minimal theory with lots of hands-on practical applications, from case studies to actual situations facing participants. By the end of the seminar, participants will have practiced Design Thinking with a real challenge they are facing both at the workplace and in their personal life. To get a sense of the dynamic approach of the workshop, see a short video here from a previous workshop.

Popularized by the design company IDEO and Stanford University’s D-School, Design Thinking is an approach to problem-solving that puts the needs of the user or client at the heart of the process. It calls for a flexible mindset that believes that every problem can be addressed.  Overall, it is a logical set of steps that you can apply to any issue, including to designing your own life. For example, Design Thinking has been used to help people break negative patterns, prioritize important goals, and develop healthier relationships.

In the words of alumnus Jorge Fernández Jiménez, “Design Thinking has given me the space to get inspired and pump creativity for finding easy solutions to complex problems”.

To join this workshop that takes place in English, please e-mail the UPEACE Centre Program Manager, Hannah Benson: hbenson@upeace.org.

For more info on the course taking place November 1-2, 2019, visit the workshop website at https://centre.upeace.org/workshops/design-thinking/


Facilitator_DiplomaBlog by Mohit Mukherjee,  Founding Director of the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education.

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  • Michael Khan MBA

    Design and planning can be very simple.. By listening and observation
    Of Our Clients needs …we can design with simplifying steps from Nature,
    The Organization goals and objectives
    Will create a simple design plan of Action for us in Today’s World to be successful in Sustainable Environmental Simple Systems… To save Your clients energy and time in their Environment..

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